Chicks and eggs and kids, oh my…

So, 2 weeks ago today the mailman brought us a pile of fertile eggs to hatch…

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, so the Annies and Cash were happy to help with unpacking (and popping the miles of bubble wrap)

Now we have been incubating and the chicks should start hatching over Easter Weekend. The Geese (hopefully) will follow a week later.

Meanwhile, in our bedroom (I know…) the 5 Aracuanas that I bought 2 weeks ago are out of control! The need to move to bigger quarters ASAP!

They used to be all small and fluffy

Now they are master escape artists.

And curious…

John was going to spend the whole weekend getting the coop finished (because, after all, I also have 31 chicks arriving next week) but I have convinced him that we NEED to go to the San Francisco Garden Show instead…just for a little while tomorrow… Gotta love him!

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