Chicken Mahal

The post office called at 7AM, March 30th to let me know that our mail-order chicks had arrived…
I had ordered 31, they gave me one free “exotic” chick (with a B for Bonus on her head..guess what we have named her??) and 5 roosters (with blue dots on their heads) for warmth! Thanks Mc Murray Hatchery!

They were so tiny! I felt like they needed a Mommy, so I donated Annie’s Gecko to the cause. They took right to it, snuggling up under it in a very “Are You My Mother?” sort of a way…

On Easter weekend, the eggs that I bought on eBay started to hatch. It was beyond exciting, as they popped open over a 3 day period. The Annies and Cash were here with me, again, to cheer them on with words of encouragement.

We added 12 chicks to our brood, the Goose eggs were a bust. 😦

Now, the race was on to get the coop done, luckily John was up for the job, with some extra time on his hands…
Here’s the horse stall that we started with, rotted and falling down

In progress

And, finally, what John calls “Chicken Mahal”

Jade came over to visit and said that, if she was a chicken, she would love to live in there. We like Jade!

Annie and I had a fun Chick Photo Shoot with some of the hatchlings

And now, all of the chicks are living like Queens (and/or Kings) in Chicken Mahal, enjoying fresh clover, warm sun and dirt baths…

Garden updates soon…

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