Farmer 1~ Gopher 0

This, after it came out of the ground, ran at Emma Bean, and bit her on the nose. It shattered her self-esteem,  but she was otherwise only grazed.  Not so much, the gopher.

I don’t like rodents in any form, but when I found a nest of field mice in the chicken coop, they melted my heart and I relocated them.

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5 Responses to Farmer 1~ Gopher 0

  1. Heidi says:

    you are too kind. when i found rat babies that looked just like that, i closed my eyes and stabbed away.

  2. I thought of you when I found them!  I wouldn't have re-located rats, but field mice are much less gross and the cats keep them from taking over. The rats on the other hand…ugh! Follow our adventures in farming!

  3. How fun, you're not that far from us! Not a fan of rodents, especially the gophers! We went after ours with a vengeance last spring. Here on the central coast it does seem we have more than our fair share of gophers doesn't it? This year though, for us, we seem to be breaking out in voles 😦 Seems it's always something!

  4. John says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. @ curbstone..I looked at your site/blog and it is fabulous! I'd love to come for a visit one of these days. And you are welcome to do the same. Since we're practically neighbors and all! 🙂

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