Food Experiment-Day 1

I always assume that everyone has a pretty good ration of food on hand at all times.  I have staples (like onions, pastas, beans, flour, etc…) in what I think is an average amount, whatever that is.  I am also only including food. Not toiletries, alcohol, etc…And am not going to figure in seasonings, or tablespoons of baking powder and such…I mention this so as not to fool myself (or you) into thinking that I am a miracle worker with the grocery dollar.  It’s my disclaimer.

First grocery trip I spent $35.06.

For dinner I made a Potato Kale soup.  Super simple, comforting on a cold winter’s night and everyone likes it.  Instead of buying a loaf of artisan bread, I made buttermilk biscuits.

1 red onion (.25 cents)

3 TBP garlic (I have a jar of minced that I want to use up)

3 Lg local organic carrots  (50 cents)

10 XL leaves Toscano Kale, organic and home grown (free)

5 Lg potatoes not organic, bought in bulk, on sale (50 cents)

pot of water, boullion cube, salt and pepper.  Total cost- $1.25

Yes, $1.25 for a hot, nutritious dinner for 5!  There were also left overs enough for 2 lunches, making the cost per meal 17 cents!  If I had used homegrown carrots, onion and potatoes…FREE MEAL!

Buttermilk drop biscuits

flour, buttermilk, baking soda, baking powder, butter, salt ($2.20)

The total cost for dinner (not including the leftovers for lunch), day 1, was $3.45, or 69 cents per person.  Can’t beat that…or can I?


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