Food Experiment-Day 4

Salmon Cakes on Baby Greens with Rice

I kinda used this recipe, but didn’t have or want everything that was in it. In place of bread crumbs, I took a few handfuls of wheat thins type crackers and crunched them up with a wooden spoon. I used Red onion and skipped the dill, parsley and butter.  Also, I always bake them because I don’t like to get spattered by hot oil and, well, deep-fried food, not my thing.

2 cans salmon @ $1.69

1/4 onion- 10 cents

3 eggs- free

crushed crackers-10 cents

cost- $3.58

Organic spring mix salad-$2.00

Massa Organics rice- $2.00

A word about Massa Organics… They are awesome! They are a family farm near Chico, so your rice is from the USA! It is crunchy, sweet and amazing.  And, at $4. for 2 pounds, a steal!   Also, their Almond butter will make you drool! Seriously! I hide it.  I think they sell at farmers markets, through SCLF in Santa Cruz, and by mail, so please check them out!

Garnished with lemon from a random tree.  Total cost for this meal was just $7.58. We had dinner for 3 and 1 lunch the next day, so that’s $1.97 per meal!



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