Food Experiment-Day 4

Salmon Cakes on Baby Greens with Rice

I kinda used this recipe, but didn’t have or want everything that was in it. In place of bread crumbs, I took a few handfuls of wheat thins type crackers and crunched them up with a wooden spoon. I used Red onion and skipped the dill, parsley and butter.  Also, I always bake them because I don’t like to get spattered by hot oil and, well, deep-fried food, not my thing.

2 cans salmon @ $1.69

1/4 onion- 10 cents

3 eggs- free

crushed crackers-10 cents

cost- $3.58

Organic spring mix salad-$2.00

Massa Organics rice- $2.00

A word about Massa Organics… They are awesome! They are a family farm near Chico, so your rice is from the USA! It is crunchy, sweet and amazing.  And, at $4. for 2 pounds, a steal!   Also, their Almond butter will make you drool! Seriously! I hide it.  I think they sell at farmers markets, through SCLF in Santa Cruz, and by mail, so please check them out!

Garnished with lemon from a random tree.  Total cost for this meal was just $7.58. We had dinner for 3 and 1 lunch the next day, so that’s $1.97 per meal!



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2 Responses to Food Experiment-Day 4

  1. Lyn and Ian salmon says:

    I am from Ontario Canada. Hi my name is Lynn from London, Ont, Cda. I have just spent a wonder ful 45 minutes looking over your site. You are amazing, your site is awesome. I would love to live in the country. My husband is from Montreal.que. living in a cement playground for years, I am from a small town in Quebec, not quite in the city but not exactly in the country. But my husband and I love nature. We love the quiet we love the fresh air and the trees and birds, the sounds of crickets on a summer night. I so much long to go live in the country and live in the quiet of nature, the city is just not us. So on behalf of my husband and I and my two teenagers, a girl 18 and a boy 16 we truly enjoyed this website and I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope to live in the country. take care and many happy cricket singing nights.
    ps: we live in small town in southwestern ont. do u guys get alot of skunks out there? I am not fond of their smell thats all.
    regards, Lyn s. london ontario Labor day weekend 2012.

    • Hi Lyn,
      Thank you SO much for your kind words!! I’ve been inspired by SO many women before me, I’m happy to be able to do the same for you and your family. We haven’t dealt with skunks, although I know they’re nearby. We’ve been lucky so far. If you use Facebook, look us up and join our page: Peaceful Valley Farm (not and Garden Supply) in La Selva Beach, CA.
      Wishing you the best!

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