So many ways to garden, so little time!

There are a million excuses for not gardening.  Lack of space, time, energy, knowledge. Living in an apartment or having a tiny yard. Lack of money to buy seeds, planters, etc…
Gardening has become very popular, even trendy, so lots of crafty people are finding ways to make it new, cheap, easy. Which means you are out of excuses!  Here are a few of my favorites, some I’ve tried, some I’ve only seen or heard about. I think they are all worth a shot!

Straw bale gardening– I have done this and really liked it. Especially because I was enormously preggers so bending and stooping for long periods were not my friend. I like this for shorter crops, lettuce, squash, vines that can fall out and climb up behind. It’s super easy and cheap. A bale of hay costs around 10 bucks and the soil, about $5.  This is great for elderly (or pregnant) gardeners, or those with physical limitations. The site above has great pictures and directions.

Planters from recycled materials.  As you know, I love recycling (or, upcycling as it is now called) as much as I love free stuff. These ideas cover all the bases!  Look in the FREE section on Craigslist in your area. It’s crazy the things people will give away!





anything that can hold a little soil will work.  Check out these photos for more ideas.  All you have to do is make drainage holes, fill with soil and plants and BAM!

 This guy is making magic with $6. storage containers and he offers his plans for free!

Life on the Balcony has lots of really simple and attractive ideas, like this  pallet planter!

 The Cheap Vegetable Gardener built himself this upside down planter using a 2 liter bottle! He’s got lots of great, cheap ideas to share.

It can even be as simple as buying a bag of soil, cutting it open and planting right into it!
I have heard of these lasting for a few seasons. Cha-ching!

See, gardening doesn’t have to be expensive or ugly!  Now, no more excuses, get out there and DIG!

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