A Little Sunday Morning Religion

I think about luck a lot. Every day, really. I am in awe of and inspired by luck in the same way I am blown away by birth and growth and the whole cycle constantly going on around us.

Luck is defined as:

1. The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune
2. Good fortune or prosperity; success

3. One’s personal fate or lot

My mom has always instilled in me how lucky we are. More lucky, she says, than most people. When she got divorced and was earning minimum wage with 3 kids to feed, we were lucky to live in the “Valley of the Hearts Delight” (aka Silicon Valley) where we could forage fruit and wild greens to eat.  When I got divorced, I was lucky to “get rid of that one” and lucky that my uncle’s church had a food bank to help me feed my 4 kids until I got on my feet.  Mom insists that there is a finite amount of luck in store for each of us, so we have to look for it (like silver linings in clouds), never squander it, and always, always be grateful for our luck.  She never gambles because that would qualify as squandering her luck. 🙂

I am not a religious person, at all (like my friend Cassie, my garden is my church), but I believe in miracles and think that they coexist with luck. I was lucky that Heidi chose me to be Farm Mama to Fred and Ginger. It was a miracle to be there AND have an excited audience for Ginger’s birth.  The way she climbed into my lap to have the second kid still gives me chills. 

Ok, here’s where I may start to sound a little crazy (unless that train has already left the station)…The third part of this is wishes. I really, truly believe that when I wish for things to be, my luck kicks in, a miracle happens and *POOF* my wish comes true.  Now, that’s not to say that if I wish for a million dollars, the luck deities are going to drop it on me.  First of all, I wouldn’t waste a wish like that. It’s greedy and unrealistic. More like, after being single for 5 years, I wish for a kind hearted, honest, fun companion, then stop trying to find one. *POOF* John comes into my life.  With a willing partner (for the first time ever) I wish for a place that I could make my own and have the homesteading life I have always dreamed of.  *POOF* We find and create Peaceful Valley Farm, where little miracles happen every day! 

Most recently, I decided to become a full time Homesteader. As you can guess, there is no income scale for this, so I have been working to make this an educational farm which will support the work I love. Miracles and luck also require sacrifice, belief and hard work. You can’t just sit back and wait for it.  I have been blessed by a group of people who come into my life in random ways. The landowner that trusted my vision for his property.  My former clients and friends who gave my farm camp a chance and told their friends about it. The sweet owners of SantaCruzParent.com, SantaCruzKids.com, and my brother, Jimmy who have been so supportive of this venture and help me to get the word out.  The man who buys eggs from me and decided to donate his farming books and equipment to me when he no longer needed them. The couple that sold us a pig and gave us the best dog ever.  The list goes on…. All of these people crossed my path in a stroke of luck.
This morning I am prompted to blurt this all out because I am in the process of getting a daycare license so that I can continue my program as an after school option in the Fall.  I woke up this morning after a restless night filled with anxiety ridden dreams.  I don’t know if the licensing process will be done in time for the start of school. This is my only source of income. What if no one signs up…Oh anxiety!

Then I got an email from a kindergarten teacher at my kids elementary school.  I have long admired her work (she implemented the school garden and puts so much of her own time and money into making that experience happen for the kids) who I just found my program and is interested in collaborating. And, get this, she wonders if I have considered an after school program and she would like to help me get that out there if I want.

I am speechless.  Awed by my luck, once again!

Luck? Miracle? Good marketing? A wish come true? Yes.

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One Response to A Little Sunday Morning Religion

  1. Heidi says:

    how wonderful about the potential for an after school program! your farm is a miracle. and no, i'm the fortunate one that you wanted to be mama to fred and ginger. i love them so and am so glad that i found a loving home for them.

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