Weekend Review

Two beautiful cabbages ready for this weeks menu!

 This is possibly the cutest vegetable I have ever seen!!  Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber. It should get about the size of a thumb nail when full grown. (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds).  
Reminds me of Gulliver’s Travels!

This is my Pink Pearl Apple Tree…developed in 1944 by a Nor Cal breeder. If you haven’t seen them before, Google images. The flesh is pink and when cut in half they are heart shaped. What’s not to love?? I wholeheartedly recommend this
one for the coastal Santa Cruz area! Planted in April of this year, I counted 20 apples on it today!  Dave Wilson Nursery carries them and you should be able to order from your local nursery.

A very hopeful sign…3 flowers on one of my Valencia Melons!!! 

Olivia is hungry. Olivia is ALWAYS hungry! And so damn cute. When I say her name she starts oinking and comes running to see what I have for her.

This weekend I have lots of broccoli, lettuces, and cabbage. I found out that pigs (this one at least) don’t like radicchio!  Me either, way too bitter. When I gave it to her she took it over and dropped it in her poop corner. really. I tried a bite and have to agree, again. 

I asked the farmer across the road if we could have his field scraps and he was soooo awesome to say yes! He had 6 boxes full dropped at our gate!  The animals were in veggie heaven.  Olivia LOVES broccoli!  I love to watch her eat. The whole time I am thinking, “if you give a pig some broccoli…”

After dismal results with peppers last year, I decided it doesn’t get hot enough here. So this year I am leaving them in containers in the greenhouse and it seems to be working, huh?

Same with basil…HELLO future pesto!!! I heart you!

 And this is the secret life of squash. I think it’s called Honey Bear. It is producing like crazy!!! I got it at the Cabrillo College plant sale. It will be for stuffed and souped for Fall and Winter dinners. Mmmm.

Cheddar Cauliflower. I love the way it looks but am ALWAYS disappointed that it doesn’t have a cheesy flavor! Duh!  I planted just a couple of them because they take up so much room for the yield, but it’s really satisfying when you get a beauty like this. Even if for only one meal.

These are the Cocozelle Squash
that I harvested today. I have gotten at least 2 every day this week. I give them to everyone who stops by.  This is another plant I highly recommend for our area. The plants get about 3 feet across. I planted 2 of them and got 16 squash this week. Great yield for small spaces. And how pretty are they???

And these are Baby Round Zucchini
All four of them came off of a plant that is no more than 18″ wide!!! Amazing! You can see (compared to the eggs) that they are a nice size. I love them sauteed with a little butter, salt and pepper…

Ok, now I’m hungry!!  I hope your weekend was as fruitful as mine.

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