You know you’re a farmer when…

You drag yourself out of bed at 7 o’clock Saturday morning to send your pig off to the breeder. Yup, that’s right…Olivia, it’s time to play Mystery Date! Will you get the Stud or the Dud???

The couple that sold Olivia to us, in June, offered to pick her up and take her back to breed with their purebred Old Spot pig. She is 7/8 Old Spot, so her piglets will be as close to 100% as possible. John and I were nervous, maybe even scared, about how this would work. Olivia weighs about 300 pounds and is super strong. The stock trailer/truck combo was too big to fit through our access gate, so we needed to convince her to walk across the yard, into the driveway, and step up a foot into the trailer, about 25 feet away. Um, yeah.

Luckily, this little piggy loves food and knows my voice, so she just followed me to the trailer and, after thinking about it for a minute, climbed in, one hoof at a time.

I was so proud, I thought I’d cry! I love that big pig!

It was agreed that she is in heat right now, so, if all goes well, we’ll have piglets in 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. AKA end of April/beginning of May.

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6 Responses to You know you’re a farmer when…

  1. aztechalo says:

    Is this your way of avoiding having to slaughter her? Very clever. I like the new blog. Now I can follow you on WordPress.

  2. Not avoiding so much as extending our time together. 🙂 We’re gonna have a TON of animal babies in May! Yipee.

  3. Dustin says:

    Setting up mystery dates for our does is always fun. This year we set them up with a friend’s buck and unbeknown to us he was a little buckling. Our does just beat him up and he ran away and coward in the corner. We decided that he was a little to young to service our ladies this year… Maybe next year.

  4. Kate Robbins says:

    HAhaha! I love this dialogue… happy frolicking to you all! Are you open to having kids to your farm to check out the big pig or peaceful does?

  5. Chris says:

    I finally have stopped long enough to read a couple of the blogs, Pam. I love your list of 8 resolutions and look forward to following your journey!

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