Weekend Review 2/20/2012

This weekend, we did a little tractor work…


Enjoyed a box-full-o 10 day old chicks (please, someone buy some of them!)


Made Beet Kvass (because I’ve read that it’s nothing short of a miracle for whatever ails you)


The Tree Kale, planted last May, is doing well. I feed the monstrous leaves to the turkeys and chickens. Lots of good vitamins, you know.


Carrots, planted in the Fall, are getting close to harvest. We have no less than 8 varieties, all mixed together and growing in up-cycled shipping containers John brings home.


I may love the Pea tendrils, more than the peas! Garden art!


We’ve been harvesting the Green Broccoli for a couple of months.

Waiting on the Purple. (with the purple veins)


My 3 year old Jasmine Armandii Clematis is in bloom for the first time!


This is the Greens Forest…A mixture of lettuce, shaded by Collard Greens.

I NEED some little people to live in here!


Ahhh, the Blueberries. Loaded this year. Last year, Fred the goat escaped and ate this bush to the ground soon after it flowered. Baaad goat!


Spring is getting ready to go off, even though I feel like we missed Winter all together. I’m ready.  Are you?

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2 Responses to Weekend Review 2/20/2012

  1. Heidi says:

    Looks good! My goats broke out of the fence a couple weeks ago and took down the blueberries. Happens to me every year 😦

  2. beth says:

    That purple broccoli will win hearts and minds when it finally decides to make an entrance. Also, the fact that I have no goats has always been a sore point, but I suppose I could look at the bright side and think of all the blueberries that would otherwise be in mortal danger right about now.

    Spring always comes on Feb 15th in California. The rest of the world just has it wrong.

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