Here a Turkey, There a Turkey

We raise turkeys that are a cross of Bourbon Red and Midget WhiteImage

The two hens lay daily and last month, one of them started sitting on the nest steadily. I was so busy with other things, that I just ignored her. Normally, I would take the eggs and put them in the incubator, not trusting her maternal instinct (or the other turkeys) because when this has happened in the past, eggs got broken, chicks got suffocated or pecked to death. It’s brutal in there! This time I just decided to let nature take its course.  I didn’t even keep track of how long she had been sitting (it takes 3 weeks to hatch a turkey). Last week, on the last day of Farm Camp, an Aunt had come along to pick up the kids and see the farm. She was standing near the turkey pen and said, “oh, one of them just escaped”. Given the size of our turkeys, this isn’t possible, so when I went over to see, there was a tiny little chick that had just popped through the fencing! She hatched one! Then I looked inside and saw another, later another…ImageImageImageImage

And so, it seems, that our sweet Mama does have the mothering instinct! Unfortunately, the other hen is the complete opposite and pecked one of the babies to death, so we sequestered the new family. We have three live chicks, so far and 8 eggs still under her.  So exciting! And another magical day at Farm Camp!

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