Introduction to the GMO Challenge

A lot of us were angry, sad and hurt by the defeat of Prop 37 in California, this month. As you may know, this proposition would have required labeling of food products that contained GMO ingredients. I think we all expected it to pass (about 90% of those polled were in favor) but, in a great sweep of injustice,  the No on Prop 37 campaign won out.  I set out, immediately, making lists of products and companies to start boycotting. The list is huge and overwhelming and I so want everyone to know about it that I may have been over posting links and complaining on Facebook. My friend Rachel at Dog Island Farm suggested a No GMO Challenge and excited to say that we’re collaborating to make happen! We hope to be able to share the information we’ve learned, making it easier for you to avoid GMOs and the unethical companies that funded the No on 37 campaign.  We’ll cover, food, personal care & cleaning products, as well as seeds.

Knowledge is power!  Pop over to Dog Island Farm and read the intro Rachel posted. We’ll be making a Facebook page to pull everything together soon.

Watch for more info to come. The official challenge will start January 1st, 2013.

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One Response to Introduction to the GMO Challenge

  1. Looking forward to your page on GMO’s. It can be so hard to know where it’s at! I was surprised at the list of candy and which ingredients were GMO.

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