Chard Lasagne Recipe

Chard. The gift that just keeps on giving! I planted just 6 plants last Spring…Maybe in March? They’re still producing and I have one plant that’s 5 feet tall. DSCN0185Gorgeous colors, and I feel grateful for the bounty, but what to do with all that chard??



Adapted from this recipe.

6 no boil lasagne noodles

olive oil

2-3 bunches of chard, chopped, stems chopped separately

6 cloves garlic, chopped

6 mushrooms, chopped

1/2 red onion, chopped

1 med-large carrot, grated

1 cup ricotta cheese (cottage cheese also works well)

1/4 cup milk

1 large egg

1 cup grated parmesan cheese

4 oz mozzarella cheeseDSCN0243

Soak the noodles in warm water until they start to soften, then remove.  Heat olive oil in a pan and saute the chard stems, onion and garlic until golden. Add in mushrooms and carrots, cook until mushrooms have released the majority of their liquid. Add chard leaves, cover and steam until wilted, stirring often to combine.DSCN0246

In a small bowl, mix the ricotta, parmesan, milk, egg (add 2 tbsp of chopped basil, if in season), salt and pepper to taste.DSCN0248

Oil a square baking dish and lay 3 noodles in the bottom. Layer in 1/2 of the cheese mixture, then 1/2 of the chard mixture. DSCN0253Lay down 3 more noodles, then the other half of the cheese and remaining chard mixture. Cut mozzarella into slices and lay on top of the chard layer. DSCN0254Cover with foil and cook at 350 until the cheese melts (about 20 minutes), then remove foil and cook until lasagne is bubbling (5-10 minutes more).DSCN0258

So good, not too cheesy or saucy as some lasagnes, and oh-so many vegetables in there!  When it’s in season, the basil gives amazing depth! I also like to break up walnuts and add them to the chard layer.  Note* in the photo above I only used 1 bunch of chard, which the original recipe called for. 2 would be a minimum, 3 is ideal. Even my non-vegetable loving kid eats this up! Shown served, above, with a salad of Summer 2012 pickled vegetables with added olives and kidney bans.

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2 Responses to Chard Lasagne Recipe

  1. Yum! And that chard is absolutely beautiful! What zone do you live in that you have chard like that at this time of year? My family could eat chard daily and not tire of it. I grew really nice chard when we lived in CA but that was a while ago. Since we moved to WV I haven’t been able to start it in the garden. This year I”ll try to start it in the house first!

    • Hi,
      I’m not sure of our zone, we have so many micro climates here. I’m on the central coast of California, in La Selva Beach. I planted this from seeds (Renee’s Garden, rainbow chard) and planted it out last March. We had a week of hard freezes, recently, and it was unaffected. Some of those lower leaves are 2 feet long! Try again, I hope it works for you!

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