A New Life for Carrot Juice Pulp?

Do you juice? Have you ever looked at all of that pulp left behind and thought about what a waste it is? I have.  Of course, I have chickens and turkeys that are happy to eat that beautiful rainbow confetti, but even then… Juicing takes a long time with a small return on investment, so I started looking for other ways to use that good stuff in the kitchen.


The day I decided to find a new use for my pulp, I happened to have a pint of carrot to work with. I looked for some ideas online (what DID we do before the internet??) and realized that it can be used in recipes like carrot cake/bread, the same as you would use grated carrots. Except, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GRATE!! Ahhh. the ideas started flowing.

I made a super fast chili, using leftover Lamb roast and misc fridge stuff. I included a pint of my canned tomatoes, pint of the strong garlic soup I made last week when we were starting to get sick, and some of the carrot pulp.  In 30 minutes the mixture thickened up and the end result tasted like it had been in the crock pot all day! WIN!

Next, my smoothie! Frozen mango, spinach leaves, carrot pulp, flax seeds and protein powder. YUM!

Now, I’m having a hot mug of organic carrot ginger soup (prepacked) to which I added more of the carrot pulp. It thickened it up AND adds more fiber and nutrition.

Tonight I’ll use the last of it, in place of chopped carrots, for our Portuguese Stew.

Who knew three cups of “garbage” could go so much farther than chicken feed?  Think I’ll try beets next.

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One Response to A New Life for Carrot Juice Pulp?

  1. Elle Mental says:

    We juice carrots 20 lb of carrots a week, (as well a lots of green leafies), I will use some of your ideas to use up some of the pulp. Normally my son claims them for his colony of earth worms, who love organic carrot pulp…

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